Top Tips to Sell Your House Faster Back

  • 01 May 2018

    Top Tips to Sell Your House Faster

    Spring is an excellent time for sellers and buyers alike to be active in the property market. If you're selling your property and you want to rise above the competition, we have compiled top tips for you to have the best chance of a spring house sale.

    Improve your interior

    This often involves applying neutral coloured paint to your walls to make the rooms seem brighter and bigger. Furthermore, it will be easier for potential buyers to visualise how they would acclimatise and adjust the rooms to their needs. A brand new door and a new coat of paint for the internal doors can also give a good first impression.

    Excess stuff should also be stored to make your house spotless but decluttering your space doesn't mean that you have to get rid of its personality. It is true that staging requires the property to look like a canvas where buyers can take inspiration from, however making it look like a generic hotel can make your interiors look dull and boring. Leaving some personal tastes can also help buyers to imagine more ideas on how they would use the space apart from how you have curated the rooms.

    On the other end of the spectrum, refusing to remove your overly personal decors can hurt your chance of making potential buyers stay. Estate agents who advise you to have a new paint or replace a fancy window blinds are looking out for your best interests. Remember that buyers purchase a house for what it could eventually be and not what it is now.

    Prioritise repairs and cleaning

    Major and minor repairs should be implemented before potential buyers come to view the property. Little adjustments such as; fixing broken knobs, filling holes in walls, replacing broken light bulbs and cracked tiles should be repaired to appeal as if the potential buyer would not have to carry out the tedious changes themselves. Make sure to clean your windows and mirrors as marks and dirt can easily be spotted when the sun is out. Regardless of the weather, gleaming mirrors and windows can make the space feel light and airy.

    Small touches like hanging up fresh towels can make up for lack of design. Ensure that the house appeals neat and hygienic as that is certainly more desirable than a large but messy property. Moreover, a bad smell can easily disappoint buyers and it's advisable to find the source. Check your pipes, clean the drains, fresh bed covers and air your kitchen instead of just covering it up.

    If you have a garden, don't forget to prep your exterior space by cutting the grass and bushes and cleaning the patio of dirt and lichen.

    Choose the best estate agents

    Securing the best deal seems like a shot in the dark. If you're searching for the best estate agent in your area but want to breeze through the process of finding one, chances are you'll just use a search engine and pick from the list of the first results page. But that doesn't guarantee a quality service. If you want to have unbiased and transparent information about estate agents in your area, Kayabee makes this possible by making the daunting process of selecting an estate or letting agent as effortless as it can be. We provide you with options whilst allowing you to save a considerable amount of time and money.

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