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  • A Guide On How To Sell Your House Online
    04 Oct 2018

    A Guide On How To Sell Your House Online

    Are you planning to sell your house? Whether you’re ready to move into a bigger home for your growing family or relocating to a different part of the country for work, the process of selling a house is one that requires a lot of work. But you don’t need to stress yourself about it anymore because there’s an easy way to do it – and that is through the internet.

    To help you in this process, we made you a guide on how to sell your house online.

    1. Find an online estate agent

    With the increase in internet usage, online estate agents have taken this opportunity to help you sell your house for less. By using their service, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money that a seller normally spends on traditional percentage-based sales commission. 

    Most online estate agents charge a fixed fee, typically between £500 and £1,200, and will list your property on websites where the vast majority of people now go house hunting. Some estate agents also offer services like a media campaign that comes with an additional price. Make sure that you only pay for the service that you need to avoid incurring additional expensive fees. Also, ask the agent if the marketing of your property has a fixed or unlimited period.

    2. Ask help from a high street estate agent to value your home

    Your online estate agent might not be able to give you a price where you could start marketing your home. Thus, it would be also helpful to get an assessment from a high street estate agent. Your local estate agent will know your local housing market better than anyone else as they are equipped to do this. Ask at least 3 agents to value your property.

    3. Marketing your property

    Estate agents usually take photos and create floor plans of your property. After this, they will either write the property details for you to check or you can write them yourself using their online system. Most online agents are pretty efficient in getting your property on major websites.

    4. Conduct viewings

    The estate agent usually asks you when you are available for viewings. The agents will then book buyers using an online system that only the both of you can access. Typically, you’ll be the one responsible in touring your potential buyers around your property. Some agents may also offer you a property expert to conduct viewings but beware that this service has an additional cost.

    5. Negotiating an offer

    Once the conditions have been determined, the online agent should check the applicant to make sure they have the enough funds and they are ready to purchase your property. The agent should pass all this information and guide you through the process of negotiating and accepting an offer. If you would prefer to be in charge of this process yourself, you can speak to the buyer directly.

    6. Exchanging contracts and completion

    Some agents may help you as you progress to completion. It’s up to you if you need to appoint someone to handle all the remaining tasks needed or you’ll just do it yourself. Selling online gives you that flexibility. 

    Finally, once you exchange contracts, the sale becomes legally binding. You and your buyer should determine and agree with the date of completion or the day when the money will be transferred to you and your house will be sold.

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