Why Us

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As ideologies stand, here at Kayabee we pretty much like to think ours is pretty simple.

Simple is better right? Especially in our information overloaded and time constrained world.

So picture this, house selling and renting so simple that you know the commission charged by an estate agent upfront.

Or picture this other scenario, having all the key information you need regarding estate and letting agents services upfront too.

Choosing the right estate or letting agent can be a real conundrum. Depending on your property location, you may have a choice of approximately 100 estate agents to choose from. If you are like 90% of the population, chances are you will use a search engine to look for an estate agent and not click past your first results page. But like most people, what you are after is to be able to secure the best deal.

Our goal is to equip time-strapped homeowners with the vital information upfront and in doing so, help make the daunting process of selecting an estate or Letting Agents London as effortless as possible.

Making a choice about anything in life is better done armed with the right information. We all know at least 50 things we would do differently if we only knew what we know now. It goes without saying that ‘knowledge is power’ – Francis Bacon and even better is knowledge and action.

Our platform helps bring forward the transparency of information you need to reach your decisions and it provides you with options whilst allowing you to save a considerable amount of time and money.

Kayabee provides you with a different approach to assessing estate and letting agents and making your selection by doing three simple things.

  1. We present your with a larger sample of estate and letting agents available in your area.
  2. We let you know the commission they are likely to charge and
  3. We let you know the services they offer.

And if this is not enough and you want to get an even more competitive deal, why not give our bidding service a go. You can invite some or all agents to bid amongst each other and win yourself the best possible deal.

Our services are FREE. It will not cost you a single penny to try us out and your personal details are kept private.

You see we told you it was simple. Hop on over and sign up today for free.

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