Selling Your Property: A Guide Back

  • 19 Mar 2018

    Selling Your Property: A Guide

    Spring is upon us and it will be the perfect time for buyers and sellers alike to purchase or sell properties. Choosing the right estate agent can be daunting since you have to prioritise getting the best deal for your property. Estate agents will have to liaise with you through several weeks and will advise you the selection you can have about your market property value. But how can you draw a distinction in telling what's good for your property and how can you reduce hassle during your transaction? 

    We have listed points that will serve as a guide for you before venturing into the property market. 

    Put your Property Up for Sale

    The process will be as seamless as possible if you decide to sell your property first before buying. If your house is up for sale in the market, chances are you'll be viewed as a viable customer. It goes both ways. You have to look for buyers who are selling their properties to be assured that their moving plans are intact and they don't offer a partial chain. 

    Choose the Right Agent 

    This is where it gets tricky. If you want the traditional way, you can search for estate agents through word of mouth and ask for their current list of sales. Discover the value of your property in the market and do a lot of research so you can be assured that you can maximise the worth of your estate. Researching doesn't stop there. You have to get out your neighbourhood and act like a buyer to gather information so that you'll get a rough estimate of every factor that will influence your future decisions, like the state of the market you're in, comparison of the value of your property to others and estimation of agents on properties they are selling. This way you can gain the upper hand to have the deal between you and your agent in your favour. 

    However, comparing estate agents to pick the right one doesn't have to take up that much of your time. Kayabee offers a unique service and quotes from agents around your area. You just have to browse from the list of available estate agents on our website and select the local agents you wish to hear from. Then you'll find out their valuations, their fees and their history of selling in your area. Figure out what is the best deal and you're good to go.

    Agents who are overestimating your property might not be a good choice since they just might want you to sign up for their service. Make sure that you're choosing agents that are licensed in your county since each area has specific criteria and requirements to be registered. Check their credentials, history of sales, professionalism, achievements and personality. The key point is not being hasty in choosing your agent so that you won't be stuck with an estate agent who you might not be happy with.

    Prep Your Property

    Your property needs to be presentable on the day of the viewing. Provide your estate agent with your schedule and the necessary keys if you can't make it on certain days. They should be able to advise you when there are prospective buyers who'll want to see the property first before buying.

    Carry Out Transactions

    When a buyer presents an interest in purchasing your property, your agent should disclose to you the details of the deal they had, like mortgage, accountant references or chain condition. Your estate agent should never tell buyers your asking price since it might cost you money if they aim to purchase it at a better price.

    Closing the deal

    You should take your property out of the market once contracts are signed, or you could even take it out when the buyer's survey is booked. You can know if the buyer is committed to purchasing when the amount of expense for the survey can attest to it.

    Create a profile in Kayabee and get a more personalised quote from different agents to compare costs, saving you money from unnecessary fees. If you have any questions or wish to get in contact with us, please call us on +44 203 291 1907.