Top Reasons Why Your Property Isn't Selling Back

  • 20 Aug 2018

    Top Reasons Why Your Property Isn't Selling

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    The process of putting your property up for sale can be daunting especially for first time sellers, and most would want to have their houses sell faster. If few months have passed and your property is still failing to get at least one purchase offer, you must do a double check and remedy the issues.

    If your home struggles to stand out among the property market, take the time to consider the following factors and address the problems immediately.

    Your home isn't properly prepped.
    If your property is looking worn down and you decided not to have the initial prepping of refurbishing the exteriors and interiors before putting it up for sale, buyers may ignore it within seconds and go look for the next house that's more attractive.

    Try to look at your property from the buyer's perspective and see that they would want a decent looking home that they can proudly show their families and guests. You may start by revamping your exteriors by tidying the garden if you have one, cleaning the windows and doors and even applying a new lick of paint on the external walls. With the interiors, consider adding upgrades and check the trends in the market. If buyers prefer wood or wood-like laminate over carpets, discuss with your estate agent and consider your options.

    Viewings have too many distractions for potential buyers.
    If you have buyers who want to see your home, help them picture themselves living in the house by providing a clean and controlled environment. Clear cluttered surfaces and hide away unnecessary ornaments. Make the area clean without lessening the character of the property. If possible, make it child and pet free when you're having a viewing so potential buyers don't have to deal with disturbance and noise.

    Buyers pass by your property's images
    Buyers start their search online so if your property has only one image or badly shot photographs, it's more than likely that they will pass over pictures and not form a second thought. If you want your property to get noticed, take multiple photos that accentuate the best features of your home or even hire a professional photographer to get the attractive angles of your house. As part of their advertising services, estate agents should be able to help you produce high-quality images and add descriptive text to each image before posting them online.

    You have not hired the right estate agent
    It is important that you communicate to your estate agent any frustrations if you feel that they are not doing a good job in actively marketing your property. Regularly ask for feedback and have constant conversations so you know how it is progressing. To be more assured with their level of service, ask a friend or a family member to pose as a prospective buyer and check your estate agent's level of service, if the person manages the viewing well and handles the questions efficiently.

    If you have lost faith with your estate agent and decide to terminate the contract, it is vital that you go over the contract again and check if there are any clauses that give them ongoing claims for commission.

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