Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Winter Back

  • Tips for Selling Your Home
    02 Feb 2018

    Top Tips for Selling Your Home this Winter

    Selling a house during the winter season is not an easy thing to do. Your house may not be in its picturesque state. Plus, most people are still recovering from their holiday expenses and some are still in their daze and haven't recovered yet. However, fret not about it. The start of the year is a great advantage for you. Some people are very keen on starting the year right by investing in properties. You just need to be proactive in marketing your property and keeping it look well-maintained to attract buyers. 

    There are some effective ways to sell your house even during the winter season. Follow these tips to make your house-for-sale stand out from the rest:

    1.    Make the exterior attractive.

    If you want your house to be sold immediately, you have to make sure that your façade is appealing enough. Your property has to look well-maintained and cared for. Your windows and walls should be freshly washed to remove any dirt. Make sure that you also clear the path of leaves and that there is no ice on the paths that may cause an accident. You need to remember that the first seconds upon arriving at the property are the most important in terms of creating a good impression on your buyer and impacting his or her decision. 

    2.    Keep the inside clean and neat.

    If the outside looks presentable, the inside should also look appealing. Keep your home clean and tidy inside and outside. Make sure there is a doormat present for visitors to wipe their shoes and remove any wellington boots from the front door mat, so potential buyers won't trip over them.

    3.    Clean up your garden.

    If your garden is messy, chances are, your possible buyer might think that there is still a lot that needs to be done to the garden. The winter weather can also tire garden furniture, and make it look unsightly. Clean up your garden space by clearing the patio furniture away. Trim the bushes, mowing the lawn, remove fallen leaves and dead plants, and get rid of overhanging branches to make it look neat and tidy.

    4.    Take care of small maintenance tasks.

    Make sure that all the things that need to be repaired in the house are taken cared of immediately. Fix leaky taps or paint the cracks on the wall. This will ensure that you will be ready to present your house whenever a buyer will want to come over and take a look at the place.

    5.    Be prepared for winter break.

    If you are planning to go on a winter holiday and you will just let someone manage the viewing and selling of your house, just make sure that the heating in your home is set on a low temperature, just a minimum of 15°c. This will prevent the pipes from freezing. If you will be away for a long time, set the heating on schedule and don’t put it on 24/7. Longer spells at a lower temperature can be more economical than shorter blasts at a higher temperature. This will ensure there are no problems upon your return to be dealt with before showing your home to prospective buyers.

    6.    Create a mood.

    Make the inside of the house appealing by creating a mood that will make the guests feel comfortable and would make them want to stay there. You can check some ideas on the internet on how you can arrange your house to make it look nice and attractive to your would-be buyers. You can also spray some scents turn on the air scented air diffuser so the house will smell nice and fresh.